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Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

Rob Barnes

 Astrology is similar to a personal calendar. There is a time, season
and reason for every aspect in our lives. We may go through life
feeling as if we are in the dark; not knowing when to take action and
when to take a step back to process.

I believe that the universe has a way of providing the guidance for
us. With the help of knowing your planets and their impact on the
calendar of your life, you can receive the direction that the heavens
intend for you. These are both internal and external influences that
when understood, will allow you to live your life with purpose and in
alignment with your higher self.

I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect those planetary
influences to the personal lives of my clients and the ability to
describe those influences in words that are understood and taken to
heart. My focus is to bring forth clarity and healing and to teach
others how to open up to self-love and happiness.

Be ready for life-changing awareness and be prepared for when your
personal calendar turns its page. Book your appointment with Rob
Barnes today 801-699-8322.

Rob Barnes