Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
261 East 4500 South, Murray, UT 84107


Mon - Sat 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ish
Sun 11:00 to 6:00 pm ish


Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

Sound Baths for the Soul at Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

Sound Baths for the Soul are a group sound meditation using the magical tones & vibrations of 19 Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Metal Singing Bowls. Participants can experience peace, calmness and a deep state of relaxation as the healing frequencies move through their physical and energetic bodies naturally assisting in the release of stress, tension and holistic healing. Space is limited so tickets should be purchased in advance to reserve a spot.  
Cost $11.11 

Tickets can be purchased online through the link below or at Sacred Energy 261 E 4500 S Murray

     March 31st at 3:00pm  $11.11
       March 31st at 4:30pm  $11.11  
      March 31st at 6:00pm  $11.11 
     April 7th at 3:00pm  $11.11 
    April  7th at 4:30pm  $11.11   
         April 7th at 6:00pm  $11.11
    March  21st at 5:30pm  $11.11
     March  21st at 7:00pm  $11.11

Individual Sound Healing Sessions
$40 1/2 an hour / $65 an hour
Call or text 801-448-1573

to schedule an appointment
Gift Certificates available...
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