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Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

Tina Jones 

Tina Jones is a Certified Business, Life and Relationship Coach, Quantum NLP Practitioner and Brain Trainer Practitioner. She has twenty years business experience as an Entrepreneur and is living her passion of coaching and supporting others to feel more at peace, balanced, confident and personally empowered.     

She has a unique ability to see past surface language and behaviors to the true inner beauty and character of each individual person. People feel at ease and very loved in her space. From this place, she teaches people to eradicate  habitual mind clutter, change limiting language patterns, rewrite old traumatic stories and develop new positive habits. With these tools people can have peaceful, loving, conscious, connected relationships with family, friends and life partners.

Make your appointment below or call 801-989-3122 and see how fast a belief can be changed.