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Liquid Crystals: What Are They & How Do They Work?

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Crystals can be powerful teachers and companions. Many of us wear them as jewelry, have them decorating our homes, or use them in meditations. Some of us have even had crystal healing sessions and felt their powerful effects physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.


At Sacred Energy, we are offering Liquid Crystals as a way to potently connect with the vibrational energy of 77 different crystals, and 11 Starseed directives. Liquid Crystals were used all the way back in Atlantean times and have recently been rediscovered through a download made by the Pleiadians to a man named Justin. They work with the sacred geometry of the crystals to help the consumer align with their vibrational energy. Not to be mistaken as an elixir, Liquid Crystals are attuned to the specific vibration of the crystals, and do not have the actual minerals within them, as it is a water-base. This creates a potent and direct effect for the consumer, without interference for any other medications or substances. Liquid Crystals are spiritual teachers, training the mind/body/spirit to align itself with health and wellness through the chakra system.

Our very own Janet Wall, founder of Sacred Energy, is the only practitioner in the United States. She offers consultations on how to work with these teachers, whether the goal is weight loss, communication, digestive aid, or to work with a specific god or goddess. She will help direct you to your Purpose, Higher Purpose, and Shadow Crystals and teach you how to work with them. Janet will also be able to direct you to the Starseed Directives if you are not within your ‘vehicle’, meaning that if you are Starseed experiencing loneliness, unbelonging, or homesickness, Liquid Crystals would be able to direct you back into alignment with your vehicle. She has witnessed significant changes in people after working with these Crystals for 21 days, every time.

To discover more about Liquid Crystals, visit or call Janet to setup a 30 minute consultation. The cost of the consultation is $45, plus your three crystals, equals out to a $70 investment to your long-term health and wellbeing.

Written by: Jaelyn Kohl

What Makes Sacred Energy So Special?

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Sacred Energy Empowerment Center is a place to find the missing piece to your puzzle. Here you will find crystals to aid you in your meditations, oracle cards to guide you into your next steps, or spiritual tools to clear the space in your home or energy field. In our quaint retail shop, intricate dreamcatchers hang from the ceiling, incense smoke pours through the room, and crystals glisten in the sunlight, happy to be on display.

In addition, Sacred Energy has at least one offering every day for workshops, events, or ceremonies. This is a beautiful place to connect with like-minded people and expand your knowledge on various spiritual and metaphysical topics. Anything from Reiki trainings, to sound baths, to moon ceremonies, and starseed gatherings create an environment for anyone to come and learn something new about themselves and the world in which we live.

Sacred Energy also is a host of many incredible wellness practitioners, intuitive readers, mediums, and energyworkers. Any day of the week you can pop your head in and get a private reading or treatment by the practitioners that call Sacred Energy their home away from home. Each of these practitioners are highly recommended, well-educated, and incredibly compassionate for any and all situations.

Last but not least, the Crystal Chamber is one of the main attractions to Sacred Energy. It is a one-of-a-kind machine that is covered in crystals. Stepping inside transports you to a whole new dimension, as it works on the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bodies. It is a potent way to realign your vibration to a higher frequency, release emotional baggage, and allow the body to move toxins through the lymphatic system.

To experience all the magic that is Sacred Energy, you’ll just have to come see for yourself!

Written by: Jaelyn Kohl




Featured Practitioner of the Month: Heather Grzyb

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Featured Practitioner of the Month: Heather Grzyb


Heather is a Starseed Lightworker who focuses on expanding human consciousness and helping others through the ascension process in this lifetime. She would like to see all of Mother Earth’s beings living in higher dimensions where we love each other and live in harmony. As a Marconics Practitioner, Heather works with energy that is ascension-focused; the protocols that she practices helps her clients reconnect to their higher self at source, connects them into the crystalline grid, and pulls them out of the fear matrix and mind control that keeps humanity from ascension. Marconics is a method for achieving ascension though the progressive integration of Higher Self energies, into the physical body. Each level introducing a higher vibration than the last. Heather offers the Marconics “NO-touch”, Chakra Unification and Recalibration protocols.

Here is a brief interview with Heather about her work:

What was the key event in your life that lead you to Marconics?

I left a corporate job in March 2012, and when I left, I was thinking “Well, I cannot do this job anymore, it’s not good for my soul!” Since I had attended massage therapy school after high school, and learned that energy work and the energy healing world was my calling, I thought that I needed to get back into that field…or start a food truck! So with having two directions I could go, I did some soul searching. The (most important) thing that I needed at the moment was community and like-minded friends. I began attending Deeksha meditations and that gave me just what I needed in the moment! Community and my connection back to Spirit! I also found my way back into energy work…Goodbye food truck idea! I put my order in with the Universe and I received the “Clarion Call” back. Not knowing what that exactly meant, I began my search and through guidance and nudges from my guides, I was led to the 1st Marconics book titled Marconics: the Human Upgrade. Vol 1 The Clarion Call. After reading it, I knew that was my connection to take me further on my path and I intended to find a training. A training invite popped up in my Facebook feed and right away that I knew I had to attend. That was the beginning.

How were you guided to Sacred Energy Empowerment Center?

I had met Janet Wall at a retreat at Snowbird and began following her on Facebook. I was attending the Sunday meditations weekly at her shop Sacred Energy Empowerment Center, and had recently seen that she had availability for practitioners. I honestly thought that would just be a dream, it was the greatest place I could think of working!

One day Janet was doing a giveaway on FB, “Guess the number and win a crystal”. I put in my guess, a couple of times, and kept checking back. No one was guessing the number and finally Janet posted a clue, I quickly looked up what the clue meant and guessed the right number! Janet said come on in and pick up your crystal. WOW!! I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk with her and I also brought my older kids. I hoped she would remember me and maybe we could talk about her open spots.

When I got there I reminded her where we had met, she is so sweet and loving she gave me a huge hug! I mentioned that I had been attending the Sunday meditations and she asked if she would see me the coming Sunday. “No”, I said “I am going to attend a training for a new energy modality called Marconics out of town this weekend.” She asked if I needed a place to work….all of the stars aligned… and both of us got immediate confirmation that SEEC is where I am supposed to be.

I was very excited to show my kids that having a strong intention for what you want and going after it works out and that they should follow their dreams and always do work that makes them happy! All of my hopes and dreams came true and I started as a practitioner at SEEC shortly after that, and began working in the shop several months after that.

What is the proudest moment of your career as a healer?

I don’t call myself a healer, my purpose is to empower people. However, my proudest moment is that I have started the Starseed Gathering and Facebook group. We meet monthly, everyone who resonates can attend and have a place to share their experiences and know that they are not alone! I have had several people come and go in the group and it is always perfect. I believe that many people have gotten what they need from attending and don’t necessarily need to come back. And then I have a beautiful core group whom I LOVE with all of my heart. They are always there and always show up and hold space for all of the work that we are doing whether it’s during the meeting in 3D or the work that we do in the unknown and unseen realms. Creating this community is probably the most important thing that I have done.

What does the term “lightworker” mean to you?

To me a lightworker is a soul who is here to hold a higher vibration and intend for a better way of life for all of Mother Earth’s beings. They work with the light through their interactions with others, activism, planting seeds of higher consciousness, and helping all others along the path. I would say that Lightworkers and Starseeds hold a similar purpose. Being a Starseed activates the connection to the Galactic community as well, and knowing and promoting the importance of the Human Race becoming Universal citizens with beings who are here in different dimensions helping us.

What is your primary recommendation for people beginning their awakening/ascension?

The first step is to work to release all lower energies in the form of fear and programming that they were given throughout their lives. You cannot ascend with this heavy energy. I would recommend doing all of the research that you can, read books, watch videos, attend classes on everything that interests you. Finding teachers that resonate with you is important and realizing that those teachers will change as your consciousness expands, this is healthy; you can get stuck in the energy of one teacher. Soon you will know that the best teacher is your higher self, then you begin to go inside to find all of the answers, no longer needing the guidance from others. I also recommend holding these ideals:

Keep an open mind, Release judgement, Release expectations, Release attachment to outcome, Practice detachment, Practice acceptance.

How do you keep your vibration high on a daily basis?

After years of practice observing my thoughts and reactions, I have come to a point where I do not react to any situation. My thoughts are under my control and I live in the moment. I still have times when the energy builds and I have emotions that come up to release, being in control of my reaction to those emotions and releasing them is the key. I use energetic shields to keep my energy my own and not take on anyone else’s energy. I clear my energy throughout the day and always ground myself. I intend my Sovereignty to the Universe everyday and make sure that I am connected to my higher self at Source.

Describe the legacy you want to leave behind.

Even though I know that expanding human consciousness and helping others Ascend is my purpose and mission, my most important job and learning experience in this lifetime has been being a mother. If I leave a legacy, I would like it to be that I taught my children what is important in life, being happy, following their dreams, controlling their energy and working with it to create and manifest what they want and to love and respect all others. And that I loved everyone.


Heather also offers classes and meditations at SEEC, including the Starseed Gathering, Starseed Child/Adult Classes, and Light Language Meditations. She is available for a quick chat if you stop by SEEC on Monday or Wednesday evenings from 4pm-8pm.

Interview by: Jaelyn Kohl



Samuel's Resentment and Angelic Support

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On the evening of June 3rd, 2019 with the New Moon in Gemini, we had a very unusual experience at Sacred Energy Empowerment Center. As the veils are always thinnest with the peak of the lunar cycles, this is one of many instances where spirits from beyond the veil have used the House as their channel.

As JaNae Bean-Baum LW was offering her meditation, she mentioned to one of the ladies she felt there was going to be a big healing performed tonight. When she dropped into the meditation, she was pulled into another room, and there she was met by a large, scary apparition who went by the name of Samuel. JaNae was told that Samuel had been buried on the property many, many years ago, however when his body was moved, his spirit stayed behind, dwelling on how his wife had left him. This left him with resentment and a desire for revenge. Samuel had been dormant at Sacred Energy for many years, until a woman that resembled his wife walked into the shop.

Since then, fueled by revenge and resentment, Samuel had been whispering in some of our ears, saying things that make us feel vulnerable and question all our beliefs - causing conflict in an otherwise peaceful space.


JaNae, the powerful Warrior and Lightbeing she is, immediately asked for help when Samuel confronted her. The army of angels that protects Sacred Energy arrived immediately to open a portal to send Samuel to the Light.

Take this as a relief that if you have been feeling vulnerable, questioning of your beliefs, or feeling conflicts within Sacred Energy, this was likely due to an unwelcome guest who has now been taken back to the Light by angelic support and a brave Lightworker.

Described by Janet Wall, written & edited by Jaelyn Kohl


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