Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
261 E 4500 S, Murray, UT 84107 
(801) 696-9203

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Energy Workers and Healing

Heather Grzyb LW

Heather Energy Healer

Marconics, + Activate DNA + Connect to higher self + Raise your Vibration +
Starseed Gatherings + Ascension Classes +   Tap into higher consciousness + Release 3D emotional build up + Connect to your higher self + Raise your vibration

Call or text 801-706-5501 

JaNae Bean-Baum

Janae spiritual leader

Mind, body + spirit consciousness alignment and balance + through Reiki energy + light, breath & sound.

Clarity and insight into deeper levels of  conscious awareness of the self through an intuitive energy and card reading.

Clearing attachments, emotions, and energies from the past and other lifetimes.

Emily Spirit

Emily Spirit Mindfulness Instructor

Intuitive & Medium + Contract Completion + Life Transformation Work +  Medium, Oracle & Crystal Reading + Sound/Energy Therapy + Vocal Toning +  Medicine Drum +  Medical Intuition +  Mindfulness  & Meditation

Call or text: 801-512-5319

[email protected]

Va'alene K Peratrovich

Val Energy Worker
 Psychic Medium + Angel guidance + Mediumship + Starseeds + Empaths +  Energy Healing/Releasing + Receive guidance and support from your spirit team
  760-705-4442  Text or Call

Michael Eakett

Michael Energy Worker
Reiki Master Teacher 

+ Certified Crystal Healer + Ordained Minister + Deeksha Facilitator + Theta Healing Practitioner + Reiki Training + Energy Balancing + Crystal healing and Chakra Alignment + Reiki Sound Healing + Kundalini Awakening`

Call or text 385-230-3854

Stephanie  Barber

stephanie reiki master
Intuitive Healer Reiki Master & Teacher  Energy Readings & Reiki Sessions  + Contract Completion & Inner Child Work + Sound Practitioner, Drumming, Energy Work  + Mindfulness & Group Meditation + Mentor Coach Facilitator + Chakra Clearing
 Call or text: 801-230-5105 [email protected]

Becca Cummings

becca psychic and healer

 Spiritual Healer, Relaxing Reiki sessions, 

Guidance from your angels, Body Releasing and Healing

Call or text 385-350-5621

[email protected]

Richi Hales

Richie psychic

Personal Journeying through guided meditation + Stress relief and a sense of well being + Relief from Physical pain + Gain more spiritual awareness + Workshops and classes for meditations and journeying

Call or text: 801- 888- 3181

[email protected]

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