Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
261 East 4500 South, Murray, UT 84107


Mon - Sat 10:00 am to 8:00 pm ish
Sun 11:00 to 6:00 pm ish


Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

Sacred Energy is Expanding!!!
Together we can change lives!!
Have you ever wanted to have a retreat

How do retreats at Sacred Energy Retreat Center work:

First way 
The space sleeps 19 people in beds.
Classes are held in a classroom,  (or on the patio in good weather)
Retreats are a 3 day weekend, friday night Saturday and Sunday. 
Everyone brings a potluck dish for 2 meals and helps make 2 meals potluck style.
Please contact Janet for cost and availability   
Second way
Classroom  apartment with kitchen
Saturday and  Sunday, 2 days (so you can not book saturday or sunday separately.) the price will be $300 for the 2 days.  
(if you want to include friday night in your weekend the cost will be $350 for 4 hours friday- saturday and Sunday)
the hours for the apartment will be 10 am to 8 pm... (you can go in 1 hour early to set up)
Monday thru Friday, the apartment can be rented daily for 4 hour from 10am to 2pm or 4pm to 8pm for $80 per 4 hours. 

Please contact Janet for availability   
801-696-9203... [email protected] 
Many of you have ask, 
"How can we get involved? How can we help?".  
Here are a couple of ways
  • Are you someone that  likes to host retreats, let Sacred Energy help you with your retreat.
  • Do you want to host a retreat but fear gets in the way, Let Sacred Energy have your back.
  • Do you know healers, coaches, mentors, or practitioners who could use space to hold their retreats?
Help us spread the word!!