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Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

Tina Jones 

Possibility Strategist & Business Consultant


Tina has a unique ability to see past surface language and behaviors to the true inner beauty and character of each individual. People feel at ease and very loved in her space. In her group or individual sessions you will gain new tools and clear whatever may be tripping you up in life. 

Do you even realize how truly magical you are? Tina will help you discover your Personal Super Powers so that you can create the life and love that you desire.


Tina Jones is a Quantum NLP, Brain Trainer, Life Coach and Bars Practitioner

See Tina to: 

Acces Bars Sessions and Certification classes

Clear blocks & emotional healing

Relieve stress and anxiety

Personal empowerment

Relationship issues & conflict resolution

Small business consulting

Call or text 801-989-3122

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