Sacred Energy Empowerment Center
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Sacred Energy Empowerment Center

Valene Peratrovich
Mediumship  +  Starseeds   +   Angels   +   Empaths   +  Intuitive Healing 

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one that literally brought you to your knees? You hope for connection and validation they're on the Otherside with Spirit and at peace? 
Mediumship provides the healing validations needed to move forward and start the journey of shifting pain into healing and disconnection into peace. 

Feel like you were dropped off, abandon, or wish to return 'Home' as you look to the skies? You have an urgent sense of purpose even if it's unclear what your purpose is? 
Starseed Reconnection provides insights into your deep-rooted drive to make this world a better place, your gifts and your mission. THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR LIGHT TO SHINE NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. 

Seen sparkles of light and orbs? Feel there is some force or presence guiding, comforting and teaching you throughout your life? 
That is your Angels! *Cheers and Applause* They surround you in love & truth, provide Spirit's highest guidance and support in EVERY. SINGLE. PART. of your life. 💖  

Ever get around people and feel drained and like poo ran over twice, while others feel fine? Grew up or lived in a toxic emotional environment that made you physically ill? Within moments of meeting someone you can 'feel' what kind of person they are without a word mentioned? 
#Empath   You are a highly sensitive soul and you are the prototype of what humanity is moving and evolving towards. You require extra self-care, solitude and spiritual tools and support.

Intuitive Healing (Crystal Therapy, Reiki & Angel Healing) I feel what's going on in your physical and energy body. With Spirit's healing support we'll get you energetically cleared up, tuned in and adjusted. It's like a 'Spiritual Spa' for your beautiful, fabulous Soul. You so deserve this, seriously. 

If this sounds familiar and calls to your heart... I'm honored to be a resource to provide Spirit's full-fledged support and unconditional love for your  very personal and deep journey. 

All session are customizable and will include: 
smudging, meditation, sit-down reading and energy healing session
*Complimentary recording of your reading will be provided per request at beginning of session* 

Ready? Let's do this and connect at:   e. [email protected]   c. 760.705.4442 Text or Call

Lil' About Me:
My Alaska Native Indigenous roots and connections run deep. My tribes are Tlingit, Aleut and Athabascan. My ancestors have my back and I will always remember who's shoulders I stand on with my connection to Earth, Stars, traditions and Spirit. 
Personally trained with both James Van Praagh - Mediumship and Doreen Virtue - Angel Therapy
Certified Reiki Master & Crystal Healer
Do a dash of running and cycling
Music and green smoothies give me life
Never leave home without my crystals
I'm in absolute love with Humanity, Trees and Our Mother Earth
Graduated from Oregon State University B.S. Human Development & Family Sciences
Lived the Military Special Forces life with my hubs for 10 years
My biggest love and life's teaching moments have been provided by my children and my heart and my world. 

Angel Hugs!